I realized that yet again, I forgot my time zone (Atlantic time) and said that I would draw a winner at 8 PM EST (Eastern); I will figure it out one day. Anyways, I thought I was an hour late but I had good excuses, finally finished washing ALL of the dishes for the first time this week, fed a hungry baby, re-clothed the supposed-to-be-sleeping two year old (apparently only backwards, zippered footie pajamas work as the backwards, snapped ones will somehow be removed), fed a hungry baby, played boggle on my phone while cuddling sleepy baby…good excuses.
Well, thanks everyone for commenting and for sharing! I have a hard time with giveaways because I always wish that I could just give to everyone. And this time, I kept getting ideas from all of your suggestions so that I couldn’t decided who I wanted to win. Which is why I like the very handy http://www.random.org/ to select a number randomly.

And so, the winner is:

Ashley: ” Gracie has a birthday coming up this month. She currentle loves Dora & princesses So that she could enjoy the crown for many years to come, I would choose a PINK princess crown. I enjoy keeping up with your blog and I have shared your website on FB :-).”

Congratulations Ashley, I look forward to making a crown for Gracie! Thanks for visiting my blog…I think you may be one of the first neighbors to have found it:).