– Our wood stove is hooked up! The man came to sign the papers to certify it today. A large pile of wood is sitting in our driveway and being moved down into the basement by Dan and his two helpers at this very moment. Now we can use our crazy expensive oil furnace just a little less. And we are one step closer to moving in.
– I love the snow here. It just kind of floats to the ground and makes me feel so peaceful. It has been gently snowing for the past couple of days and only now is starting to come down quite hard. I do acknowledge that although it is beautiful coming down, it is also so heavy and deep which makes the road and driveway a challenge. But it is beautiful.

One of my most favorite views of which I can't do justice with my phone, and those are snowflakes not a dirty window (though I have dirty windows)










– Aneliese has been fighting her nap lately and so our compromise has been a “rest” where she sits quietly and looks at books with a timer on.  We are at about 40 minutes and she does really well. This also means that she can hardly stay awake for stories at bedtime.











– The laundry with three children is endless. Especially when sweet Cecily has started having many more accidents…almost always on the way to the toilet…She will officially be known as the child who didn’t wear pants. We haven’t successfully folded and put away the clean laundry before the dirty basket is full again, but someday.

– Kathleen just might be my most cuddly baby ever. She is so content, provided that she is in my arms. She is also an extremely noisy sleeper at night, unless she sleeps in my arms, so my sleep is more disturbed by her grunting and growling than by her hunger.

Sweet cuddles

I am not the only one who loves to cuddle her!










And life continues on.