It is the day of light, of light being revealed; the Epiphany. On January 6th we move from the season of Advent and Christmastide into the season of Epiphany. The day of Epiphany itself is mainly a commemoration of the Magi (the wisemen or kings) following the star to Jesus whom they worshipped and offered gifts. I personally am growing to love the different days and seasons of the Christian calendar year as it helps bring my focus to various aspects of my faith. We don’t wish to force “religion” on our children nor teach them that these days are valuable only as a ritual. We do desire to take part in writing truth on their hearts and I think that these days can be part of that.
And so in our little household, Epiphany is passed with a party, a celebration. Last year we were joined by new friends, this year we decided to just be us.

The girls and Dan made crowns...from coloring books as per Aneliese's idea

So royal

Candles to celebrate the light!

The Wise Men wait until Epiphany to join the Nativity; we hide them and the girls find them.

They wanted Kathleen to help too.

Seeing baby Jesus

Finishing off with "wisemen gifts"; a new book and candy cane!

And that was our party, simple and fun.  How about you, what are some days or seasons that you like to celebrate? Do you celebrate Epiphany? I would love to hear about it!