My mama and my sister are on a plane headed this way right now! I am not sure who is more excited, Aneliese or I. Just one more sleep! I am looking forward to a whole week with them. A week that I know will fly by way too fast.
I decided a couple of days ago that starting while they are here, I am going to take a little internet hiatus (with the exception of email). I am feeling pretty great and mostly recovered from Kathleen’s birth which means that I am also ready to start taking over some of the things that Dan has been needing to help out with leaving him more time to work on getting the house ready for us to move in. With the addition of Kathleen, we need to do some reworking and refiguring of our daily rhythm and I need to take some time to really focus on that with out being distracted.

Aside from that, I have a few delightful tasks that I want to take some time for in the next little while. I want to decide on a few projects for the coming months, such as planning my garden! I also have heaps of book titles and subjects that I have been wanting/planning to read so I want to narrow that list down to a realistic number that is on paper and not just a list floating in the foggy mists of my head. I want to do this for the girls as well especially because I want to start introducing them to more poetry. And, we also want to start working on some more intentional memorization that will go well with planning our reading.

That said, “see” you in a couple of weeks! What are some projects that you have for this year? Do you have any book suggestions either for the girls or I? I would specifically appreciate hearing about any audio books for children that are well read/done as that is something that Aneliese is starting to really enjoy and it is great for in the vehicle.