My time of internet quiet began with a visit from my mom and sister. It was lovely and we were thoroughly spoiled while they were here; the girls were delighted with Auntie Shaylene’s abliity to play! As I expected, it was wonderful to have them here, the time went much too quickly, and I was ready to hop on the plane for a visit back home. But, since we didn’t expect to go visit this year, I am being thankful that we are going to both Alberta and BC in July!!
In the past week, we have made great progress on getting our house ready. I need to take some pictures because even though there is still much to do, it really is looking beautiful. I can hardly wait to be living there and inviting new friend and neighbors over. We are hoping to have our house warming at the end of February/beginning of March but if all goes well, we will be moving within a week or so.

I began my hiatus with full intention of basically turning the computer off and not thinking about it. However, I didn’t quite make it there, but it was nice to be intentional about doing a couple of other things. Such as making a list of books that I want to read (I am intending to share it soon for those who are interested), getting back into some semblance of rhythm in the girls’ and my day. We have mostly managed to be clothed, have teeth and hair brushed by ten so this is progress. Granted, Cecily often has had an accident by 10:05 and Aneliese is still requesting special pajama days every other day, but we are getting there. We have also been enjoying getting back into some “arting” again with a few great art supplies from Stubby Pencil Studio.

And now, Aneliese, Cecily, and I have succumbed to some sort of winter bug. Which of course means hot lemon/honey drinks, plenty of chicken soup made from homemade bone broth, and extra mediation between two extra sensitive sisters.

And now my friends, I will end this scattered…slightly boring post with pictures…which in my world fully revives it!

Enjoying our wood stove

outside and happy!

Trying out the mama made sling (she approves)

No Snow? Roll instead!

Sleepy smiles

Ain't she sweet?