Well, it is new to me that is. When Dan upgraded his camera gear a few years ago, he kept his Canon Rebel for times that he might need a back up. He has often said that I can use it or his other one. The trouble is that with his new stuff I can’t really enjoy taking pictures because I am nervous about dropping or breaking something. Even to use the Rebel, I would need to use one of his lens which are expensive, important to his job, and frankly are just too much for me. Even though I love beautiful pictures, I’m not a photographer. I just want to take pictures to document our lives. Mostly just pictures of our kids. I can’t and don’t have the desire to learn how to edit photos. So when my little point and shoot started to get finicky about working, I just started to use my phone. But now that we are indoors more the pictures are never very nice and often blurry. I have been trying for several weeks just to get a clear picture of Kathleen smiling with little success.And so my dear husband surprised me today with a lens for his rebel and gave it to me. I am delighted. Truly. Even though I am not a photographer, the pictures are so much better! I even feel so much more artistic than when I hold up my phone.:)

Some pictures of my favorite subjects:

Thank you, my love!