Sometimes I feel guilty for my hour or two that I take every so often. Especially when one child or the other is wishing to come along. I very much dislike it when Dan says that I am “taking a break” because I don’t ever want the girls to view themselves as being needing a break from worthy. They aren’t. How to explain to a two and three year old that every so often Mama just needs some rejuvenating? That sometimes I am just longing for that wee space of quiet thoughts? It may not be this way for everyone but I am a better mama for that time of quiet. And so I leave the girls (even Kathleen) with their daddy while I spend an hour or two at the coffee shop with a large London Fog and a pastry. Usually, I write while I sip.

The wind off of the bay whips through the old trees in the park across the street and I suppose the view might almost be depressing with the cold, wet grass, the bare old trees, and the quiet graveyard that pays tribute to the founders of this town. But somehow it fills me with a subtle energy and the brisk wind breathes life as I walk to the cafe. My heart rests as my pen flows words across the pages until I reach a point of mind clearness and I head home. Ready and able to delight in the life that I live. To continue in the daily choice of pouring love into my precious ones.

What are some of the ways that you refresh?