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I have mentioned before that February is the month of LOVE and generally we have fun decorating with hearts and such. This month, with just moving into this side of the house, there hasn’t been a lot of time or energy for decorating (not sure where the things that we made last year are tucked away).  So when the 14th arrived for the above reasons and some besides, I wasn’t feeling very Valentines inspired. Dan made all of his girls a heart pancake breakfast in bed which was sweet for all of us and that was the extent of our celebrations:).
The girls of course needed their art time in the morning where we tried out their new GLOB paint in watercolor form.

Serious ArtistsI had them paint the whole page and once it dried, I cut hearts out of it.

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We then enjoyed the beautiful day outside in the snow and collected some branches for the stems of our bouquet. In the afternoon Aneliese and I applied glue the hearts and double sided them on to the branches.

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Using our vase that holds our outdoor treasures such as pinecones, shells and ocean rocks, we created a simple and pretty centerpiece for our table.

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Happy Love Month!

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