I feel that my posts have been a little here, there and everywhere in between lately. I mean, they always have been but just a little more so lately. And really, I am okay with that. With my new infatuation with my camera, it has become so much easier to do picture posts. And my girls are fun to take pictures of. That said, I have several posts on the go that range from reflective to light and fluffy and I just can’t decide which ones to do. Would you help me choose? Would you like to hear about my garden plans, life stories, books I am reading, dreams, lenten thoughts, postpartum honesty, parenting learning, recipes, health, the cuteness and character development of my girls, or pictures of our house? Something entirely different? It really is quite a range, isn’t it? So please, give me some direction, what should I write about next?
And just because….

Aren't they sweet?