Dining Room:
From the living room…original wood floors that were covered with plywood and some paint.

Our sunny dining room (table story to come)

Dining room and kitchen...used to be separated by a wall. We still need to finish the beams with the balusters to match the porch...and tucked around the corner by the fridge is a window seat (still minus the seat) and book shelf.


The island built by Mark and Dan....the top is an old bowling alley (so heavy!!!) that we sanded down and refinished, the lights are old industrials that Dan painted and rewired. Ceiling...can't remember what it is called but redone as well.

The cleaning station...This sink was original to a house in town but we bought it from a man who is renovating an old church but found that the sink didn't fit in his kitchen. The light, another industrial that Dan rewired. The view, beautiful.

some sink details

I am really spoiled with a new fridge, stove, and dishwasher (first things we bought when we moved here and I am glad:). Eventually there will be open shelves on the wall and the counter will have something other than plywood.

Pendant lights that Dan made from old railroad insulators; They are for sale if you are interested! We also have blue and green ones.

Ladder...not permanent, Dishwasher...is our dish storage for now, the island will eventually have doors and shelves.

Beautiful pantry with original hardware.

pretty handles

we left them the color they were.

 And I think that is it for now. Most of the rest of the house is waiting for work to be done or to at least be organized. Even these places still have lots of details to be finished, but I am just so glad to be living in here. My contribution to most of the actual work…the dreaming, finding really heavy things, and the painting. The rest…the work of Dan’s hands with some much appreciated help from friends and neighbors. And that, I think is what make this house so special to me because I know just how much love and creativity has been put into it.

Click here is you missed the first set of pictures.


I found a couple of before pictures that I thought that I would include.