I have been feeling the need for some new inspiration for Chickadee Swing products; I just haven’t been in the mental space to work on the same things lately. I was excited yesterday for a little kick start that Dan says is my debut as a true folk artist.

Next month I will be joining a local arts exhibit via Chickadee Swing with the theme being Wee Things for Wee Folk; this time the wee folk being fairies. I still have a few pieces of my own fairy tea set from childhood and while my mama didn’t particularly encourage such fancies, I used to dream of catching a glimpse of a flower fairy. Chickadee Swing isn’t exactly about creating for fairies, but it is about creating dreams for children and so I think it will be fun to include a section for wee products. What do you think?

A toadstool fairy house?

This is where the giveaway comes in; I have a few ideas but I need a few more. I would like to hear some of your suggestions. I will be working in using these mediums; wool, felt, fabric, wood, wax so give me your ideas. Just think small. It can be something for children to play with or more decorative. Whimsical or Practical (the fact that it is for fairies will instantly turn it whimsical anyways;). You can also include links for ideas that you have seen as I know that there are a lot of people out there who support the wee folk. The art exhibit is very open to interpretation.

Generally, I choose a random winner but this time, I am going to select by the ideas that I choose to use. This means that there is no specific number of winners. Once I have made my pieces for the art exhibit, I will send each winner a little surprise in the mail.  If you are thinking that I have officially gone loopy, please just humor me and comment away as I can’t wait to hear the ideas! I will close the giveaway on Monday evening.

It isn’t a requirement for the giveaway, but I would so appreciate it if you  shared both this giveaway and my store Chickadee Swing on whatever social media you use (facebook, twitter, blogs etc.). You can like on Facebook and I would also be honored if you included Chickadee Swing’s button (below) on your blog.

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Have you watched the fairies when the rain is done
Spreading out their little wings to dry them in the sun ?
I have, I have! Isn’t it fun?
Have you heard the fairies all among the limes
Singing little fairy tunes to little fairy rhymes ?
I have, I have, lots and lots of times!
Have you seen the fairies dancing in the air,
And dashing off behind the stars to tidy up their hair ?
I have, I have; I’ve been there!

~Rose Amy Fyleman