I realized last week that I have been writing on this space for two years now. My very first post was written on March 1st, 2010 and at the time I wasn’t sure that I would last writing on here for very long and so I kept it pretty private for some time. Now, I have written over 300 posts. I love writing on here and it is somewhat of a journal of our lives but with things like art and recipes that I would be unlikely to include in a journal.
I checked my dashboard for stats and here are some:

Posts: 303

Views: 39,718

Busiest day: 523 on December 16th, 2011- I’d like to think that is because it was my birthday but I think everyone just wanted to see pictures of Kathleen.

Comments: 1,434 (but 233 of those are my responses)

Most Comments: Jamie

Followers: Apparently, I have 62? I didn’t think that many people read my blog!

Most Pinned to Pinterest Post: Wipe Solution

Most Spammed Post: Natal Day & Honey Almond Cake

Most Google searched post: Chicken Enchilada Casserole with my posts on advent and various art being discovered on google search.

Some of the random searches that have lead to my blog:

“why do ear wings be on my washing” which led to my post on housekeeping

“let air out of aunt’s tire” and I would like to note that I have never let the air out of my aunt’s tires much less blogged about it.

And I am not sure how to feel about these searches: “huge belly” and “strange pregnancy photos”

Anyways, random blog stats aside, it seems like a lot of water has gone under the bridge in the last two years, multiple moves to different provinces , babies being born, and lots of other changes. In many ways, I don’t feel like the same person who wrote those first posts; the way I think about life has expanded several times and yet the core of who I am hasn’t really changed.

So whether you have been reading since I began writing or just started and if you are one of the “62” 🙂 or just read every so often (or almost never, in which case, you likely aren’t reading this), thanks for reading and sharing in this journey with me. And if you feel like commenting in celebration of two years, tell me what your favorite post has been!