Our week started out with all of the girls having a bit of a cold that seemed to be almost at its end. Kathleen’s seemed a little worse than the other girls had and she had it longer than they had. On Monday, I thought she was perhaps getting better but by Tuesday had decided to take her to have it checked out. After being told it was RSV (as I had suspected), we were sent home to watch her for any worsening symptoms. Within a couple of hours, I was headed back to the hospital with a very sick and unresponsive baby. Long story short, after a getting her on oxygen we were taken to a larger hospital via ambulance where we have spent most of the week while Kathleen has been treated for bacterial pneumonia. After the initial worrisome hours of watching her too fast heart rate and low oxygen levels, she seems to have recovered quickly and well. Crazy how fast it happens both ways. Now we are home where she is sleeping like a little kitten in the sun and I am catching her up on all of her missed feedings, giving her probiotics to replace good bacteria and trying not to worry too much about the state of her precious gut flora (already disturbed due to C-section birth) from the antibiotics. And she is getting increased kisses and cuddles from all of us which of course she is soaking up:).

Sleep, sleep, sleep...we did a lot of that.

Feeling a little better and still so sweet!