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  • After last week spent in the hospital with Kathleen, this week is just zipping right along. Kathleen is doing well although the antibiotics aren’t sitting so well with her and so she is much fussier than normal. But we finally got an almost decent sleep last night so I almost (not quite) feel sane today. Dan does so much better than I on less sleep.
  • It’s turned a bit colder again and since the girls can’t reconcile themselves to pulling on hats, boots and coats, they have been spending more time at inside arguing play. Actually, they mostly play really well, but there are definitely sibling squabbles when they get a little stir crazy. Lately they play fairies, dress “their children”, raid my kitchen to stock their kitchen (sounds like something I did back in BC), climb furniture, and slide banisters. I should mention that their kitchen is a garbage can, a mop bucket, and our little red electric stove. Their house is the mud room.Two nights ago they were friends coming to visit me for supper and so I was Marissa to Aneliese and as Cecily was her child, I was Auntie Missy to her. We were friends for about 1.5 hours with only an occasional slip. This morning Cecily was upset at Aneliese and getting mad until as Aneliese said “I just gave her some time to take some deep breaths and we worked it out.” and Cecily wasn’t hitting, by her description, she was “patting”. Oh my.
  • We are getting a goat at the end of the week. Well two actually, a doe and a baby. We are going to attempt to drink goats milk as our raw cow’s milk source is gone. I am hoping that we like it but not too sure. I love goat’s cheese though. And goats are fun, provided they don’t get into my garden.
  • I’m also realizing that just because I grew up with animals and worked with them my entire life, I don’t know as much as I need to. Which why I really appreciate sites like this one to fill in the things that I need to know about goats.
  • Dan is building a barn in his spare minutes (?). It’s just a little one that we can add on as we are able. Right now it will house our goats and the fifteen chickens that we have on order for the end of the month.
  • We are also getting a steer in a couple of weeks so that we have our own beef for next year. We are almost a little farm don’t you think?
  • We have our first guests coming at the beginning of May to stay in our very unfinished guest house…for a few weeks. My good friend and college dorm room neighbor. I am so very excited.
  • I love pussy willows and I spied some in our neighbors orchard the other day. I was very brave (for me) and asked if I might have some.And on that note, I bid you good night.