It is a day commemorating that darkest day. He who is Good giving himself completely. Because of Love.
A holiday to many, a holy day to many. A day of remembering the darkness while rejoicing in the light given.

Today His name was often on our lips as we gently, gratefully spoke the story. Jesus. It is difficult to tell and difficult to explain. Especially to small children.

We walked a hill today. But we didn’t carry the weight of a cross. Instead, we listened to birds, we saw new life budding, and we soaked in the warm sun.

As we found that tree covered in thorns, we spoke the story again.

Those thorns form a crown that remind us. Of Love.

It’s a story that is unreasonable. Unfair. Illogical. Incredible.

Tonight, as a family, we gathered around our table and we remembered. We knew. Love.

Friday’s on my blog are usually guest posts of late. Last week was missed due to Kathleen’s illness and this week I chose to miss because of Good Friday. Guest posts will resume next week with words from one who is very special to me.