This past weekend, we took a much appreciated vacation to Prince Edward Island.  We were able to find caretakers for our animals and thanks to the generosity of friends of our dear friend Erin, had a home to stay in for a few days there. It is a little unbelievable to me still that we live within a few hours driving distance of a place that was a dream world to me as a child. I won’t lie, I still feel a little sad that Anne of Green Gables is fictional but I loved our time on her island. We also went there for our honeymoon and there was something sweetly fun about going back. The weather was beautiful, we played together, went to beaches with friends, went swimming, had ice cream, ate meals that I didn’t cook, had a date night, and I even had a girls night of “sharing hearts” with my college friends Britt and Erin. Our girls had so much fun and it was just very restful. And the best part? Being glad to come home after a great time away. Ready to keep walking in this life with all that it brings each day. I’m thankful.
We both brought our cameras but actually have very few pictures between us. I just have to share some of what we did take.

First day at the beach. Warm and beautiful.

Music on the singing sands of Basin Head


Cows Ice Cream (gluten free but no promise of cross contamination free); the girls wanted to kiss the cow and milk her.


Sooo excited to ride the ferry!


Watching the ocean through all the rain


here comes the rain…