It’s been raining for the past couple of days and a busy work week for Dan (does starting a new business always mean that your husband comes to bed at insane hours like 3 am?) so today I am just feeling tired. I took some time this afternoon to head into town to the cafe where I spent some time with a cup of tea, pen, and paper. It was nice but as a result I have several half finished blog posts about 1) When people tell me that I am busy, 2) Gender and Roles; thoughts from Lego, 3) a term I just learned in relation to food and health; “orthorexia nervosa“, and 4) faith as a child sees it. A couple of these are a little on the controversial side and I am not much into controversy in the world of social media but they are topics that have been churning in my brain these past rainy days. I like a good discussion and I have plenty of opinions but they do change and/or expand regularly. As soon as one’s words are out there in the world wide web, they are hard to take back. So unless I can really succinctly express my thoughts, they may never leave the pages of my note book. I do want to thank everyone who shared their thoughts on my last post, I really enjoyed reading each comment *I always do, but it was really great to hear the dreams and thoughts of others who I care about.
In other news, I distinctly did NOT like being a farm girl this evening when my goat Hazel decided to plant her back foot squarely in the bucket of milk. Her poor choice saw the entire bucket being dumped out save for the bit that I gave to the cats. What a waste.

And finally, a last thought before taking myself off to enjoy a cup of tea and a cupcake (store bought) with my dear husband. Dan has a graduation class photo shoot this weekend so he needed my help to set up. This picture was one of the test shots:

I have no idea what we were doing, I only know at one point I closed my eyes very briefly because I was tired. I do know that this picture is ridiculous and since it is good to laugh at one’s self, I am going to share it here.

Wishing you all a good night, where ever you are!