Our Kathleen Claire is six months old! I feel like these months with my baby girl are flying by. And we all love our sweet baby so much, she is such a fun girl! She is one of the happiest babies that you will ever meet. She wakes up with a smile and noises and goes to sleep with thumb being sucked and a contented grin. Since she got over being sick, she rarely cries and then only when she is tired or has a dirty diaper. She loves to be cuddled and played with especially by her sisters. I won’t lie, I have been completely enjoying having an ‘easy’ baby as my other two were far from that. I love all her happy noises when she wants to be held and that she ‘talks’ when she wants something. The way that she already gives hugs and how her whole body moves when she smiles just melts her mama’s heart.  She has been such a gift to us. And we aren’t complaining that she sleeps through the night.

  • Like her sisters, everything goes into her mouth!

    posing for a smile


but this is what really happens

  • Enjoying her one and only baby gadget (aside from my ergo carrier)

    chubby feet…

    loving life

    First time in the swing!

    Sweet girl

    She moves by rolling and a caterpillar like move.