It’s been dry here for the past few weeks. I’ve even had to water my garden and parts of my lawn is brown. When so many that we know make their livelihood off of the land and as we become more conscious of the work that goes into our food production, the weather patterns have become so much more significant.
This morning we woke to dull grey and the energy of a coming downpour. I didn’t manage to finish morning chores before the rain began to stream and I was soaked within minutes.

As I stepped into the house and water puddled on the floor from my dripping hair and clothes, I smiled because I felt so alive. I love the sun and warmth but my body and soul were parched for the cleansing of rain.

As of the fifteenth, we have been here for a year. Its been harder than I can express but so filled with good. There has been a heaviness that we are only just beginning to put our finger on and it has been hard to push forward under that heaviness and yet like the energy of the storm this morning, there is life just waiting. I feel it in my bones…well maybe that is just my arthritis (seriously, I’m only 28)…and I long for it, it keeps me going.

Today, the rain has given me the breath to say that I won’t be held under the spell of grey. There is LIGHT. There is LIFE.