But not mine, contrary to what some thought after my last post! Now that the new mama has introduced her little man, I can tell you a little about it. A baby was born in my house!!
Other than my own babies, I have never been present for a birth so when Lola said that she thought it was time, I had a few moments of feeling completely flustered. After that though, everything moved in a relaxed though very fast paced sort of way.

Imagine birthing your baby with the sounds of little girls (five!) playing in the background with the occasional visit to check in. One daddy preparing supper while the other daddy waits a little anxiously for his baby. The open window brought sounds of birds singing and chickens searching for food. From my perspective, attending Lola, it all just flowed so naturally while in no way taking away from the anticipation and awesomeness of the moment. It was truly amazing. And I am a little bit addicted.

I won’t share a lot of pictures because I haven’t gotten them to Lola yet but here are a few.

EDIT: Apparently news travels fast and word on the street is that I helped a mama birth her baby:). Not that Lola needed much help, she is seriously amazing.