Really, I didn’t disappear off the face of the planet. What I did do was spend the past few weeks in Alberta and BC with either no internet or no time for it (usually both). But we are back to our little valley farm and trying to adjust to the time change. It was lovely to go and lovely to come home.
My girls enjoyed every minute with Grandparents, cousins, aunties and uncles. And of course the animals and fun that comes that. Dan couldn’t spend the entire time with us so the three girls and I braved the eleven hours plus delays of plane travel alone.

I have no idea when we will have the opportunity to make this trip again so we will treasure the memories.

Kathleen had lots of kisses for her Aunties 


Exploring with Auntie Shaylene



Lots of playing with cousins and uncles!



And “Uncle Jordan, can you swing me?”



Deep discussions with “Uncle Jerry Bear”



Fun in the dirt with Levi and Nolan



Visiting the horses



feeding them



And finally, riding!



Cecily loved, loved the horses once she finally decided to ride.



Aneliese began her barrel racing career



Kathleen on a horse for the first time:)



Feeding calves

Plane entertainment