One of hopes that we have had for our life here in Nova Scotia is that it will be filled with music and that we can share music with others. We have loved the music culture here this past year and we have had a few people over to play music on a few evenings. However, we hope to have kitchen parties and house concerts more regularly as we get more settled here.
Dan’s sister and her family spent the past week visiting while her husband, Darin, did an east coast music tour. They finished off their time here with house concert/belated house warming party last night. I had my camera on the wrong setting so the few pictures that I took didn’t turn out well but it was a great time with music, visiting, dessert, and happily playing kids.

Dan and Darin both kept busy playing gigs this past week and Darin was so well received that we are hoping to convince them to make another trip out here in the next year or two! If you are looking for some new music, check out Darin’s website