It has been a busy week for Aneliese. This was her first week of swimming lessons and while the first couple of days were spent with her standing shivering in the corner waiting silently for her turn to practice something, she is now loving it. I had decided that I needed to just observe and let her go at her pace but oh it was a little hard on this mama’s heart. She insisted that she wanted to keep going and each day she told me that she thought she would feel more comfortable the next time and sure enough by today, she has a constant smile while learning to swim.

And then, she and her daddy finally had an afternoon to take out her new-to-her bike from Gramma as she as been asking. She has been riding the run bike since she was two and so the idea is that then the training wheel stage can be skipped all together. In her case, the theory proves true! Just over four and she is riding around after one afternoon!

Sisters biking together!

And the run bike has been passed on to Cecily!


Mostly I just love seeing how content and happy she is when she has something new to challenge her mind and body. Summer has been busy with lots of activity but I have been aware that she has been needing something more connected than general busy times. We’re learning together.