The summer is quickly coming to an end but our tent hadn’t been pulled out of the attic. So…we went for a spur of the moment camping trip.

The girls were so excited and had so much fun. And it made absolutely no difference to them that we didn’t leave our back yard! So it might not have been exactly an adventurous camping trip but memories were made, I had a miserable sleep on the hard ground, was woken by the slobbery kisses of a mobile eight month old, and made the cold camping morning hot chocolate in my kitchen. Tonight Kathleen and I will enjoy the comfort of our own bed while Dan was sweet talked into another night of tenting.

Some of my favorite memories are of camping with my brother in our yard (mind you it was 80 acres) with our best friends. We didn’t even have tents but we would rig up some kind of teepee with blankets or tarps and each curl up in another blanket until about four in the morning when we would finally be cold enough to all traipse inside for the rest of the night. I hope that my kids are able to do those kinds of things too and that someday they will have memories of spontaneous camping trips to our back yard.