Mostly I really like having my own garden and it is so satisfying to eat a meal that we grew ourselves. Today we harvested our first broccoli and ate it steamed and buttered for lunch. We were all enjoying it thoroughly with the girls punctuating each bite with “mm” and “this is so good” and “can I have some more?”. And then Dan suddenly stopped eating and looked a little grossed out. One caterpillar, two, three, four and then, five and six. Nicely steamed while they perched within the broccoli florets.
I had given a quick glance throughout as I was washing but I didn’t know what I was looking for really. Those babies blended in well. I forced myself to get over and finish mine, Dan took one bite and said he was done, and the girls just forged on ahead an kept eating. The chickens enjoyed six steamed caterpillars.

Don’t worry if you ever eat at my house, I now will look more thoroughly. And really, bugs are the cost of small scale, no spray farming. I’ll have butter on those bugs please!