September has flown by faster than I can believe. It’s fall, glorious fall, and my favorite season! The crisp, cooling air brings such refreshment and renewed life. So good. I have fifty billion things that I want to talk about but hardly know where to begin so how about a little life catch up.
It has been slightly busy around here. At the end of August, Dan made the brave step of going full-time with his photography and design business. A little daring, a lot scary but the right decision. He has been meeting different people who are interested in what he offers and being his usual friendly self has gained him some surprising work. And he landed a photography job that is kind of a big deal in terms of getting his foot in the door for the direction that he wants to go in. I’m proud of him. Starting a business isn’t easy and most would agree that it is really tough here. And he still manages to take time to pretend to be a turtle hiding with his girls.

Our girls are precious. I could stop there but I can’t.

Aneliese is just blossoming these days. I love it. She is becoming more willing all the time to express herself and to let us see what is happening in that mind and heart. She is also doing so many new things…like teaching herself the alphabet. I love her.

Cecily is at the most perfectly fun age. We have concluded that she is a storybook kid. Her thought processes are so funny, her facial expressions so…vivid, and her word choices just make us laugh. You would love it.
Kathleen is a sweet, sweet girl. She is so affectionate and absolutely loves us all. We were finally able to confirm that she has an eye condition (congenital esotrophia) and will need surgery, possibly a few to get both of her eyes working at the same time. We are thankful though because initially, they felt that she had already had some permanent loss of sight and further exams have shown that she doesn’t. She has recently started crawling which is so great because it was thought that her mobility may be affected by her eyesight.

Me? Oh well, since you asked. I sometimes have this feeling that I am caught up in a whirlwind of babies, husband, animals, house, yard, garden, laundry….Sometimes I feel like I am doing it all quite well, thank you very much. and then there are all those other times when I ask myself, And just how do other women do this exactly?

And I’m kind of really excited because I have some blog changes coming up. So maybe I am really excited! It’s kind of like have a journal for a few years, there is still space but you are just ready to move on and make a fresh start with one that fits better. Especially because Dan is making it more user friendly for me. I enjoy this form of writing but just don’t always have time to figure it out. I also have my own computer again as Dan got to the point of needed another one for his work. We now can spend quality time in the evening side by side working on our computers. Cute.
And that is us right now in a nutshell. Oh, but first one more picture.This is another one of Dan’s business ventures, a portable photo booth. We test ran it at a friend’s birthday party. So much fun!