I’ve been impressed for a long time but lately, I have been finding Aneliese’s drawing and painting pretty amazing. Maybe because those are a form of art in which I do quite poorly. So while I enjoy that kind of art and fill my mind with all kinds of pictures that I would like to paint, I’m not pretending that I am judging her art from a very critical standpoint. I mostly just love see her quietly working away and then seeing what she has come up with.
These are a few of my favorites from this week:

– I walked into the living room and she had the little pink girl sitting there while she drew her.

– We were watercolor painting together when Dan came in. He looked at us and said with a chuckle that Aneliese was going to show me up. She did.

– I came in from doing the chores this morning and Aneliese had finished this picture that she was working on. I just love how happy this little person looks. And the detail is so fun, balls for shoulders, fingers, and toes inside the shoes. If you look closely, she included a belly, belly button, and knees underneath the clothes.

It’s also really intriguing to watch her art grow from a developmental perspective; did you know that one of the ways that they observe children developmentally is by their drawings of people?

I’ve thought before about wanting to take an art class or two, just so that I have a basic understanding of how to paint especially and watching Aneliese has made me really want to do that. But maybe if I wait long enough, she will just teach me!