He was next to me; near enough to tap his foot with my own,
but far enough that I could stare at him through my hair without him feeling
it. The table between us held popcorn, wine, and the pipe I had purchased for
him that first Father’s Day. A small bonfire crackled before us as the moon
hung low over the lake.

It was then, within that space of moonlight and easy
conversation, tobacco smoke and August dew, that I caught myself thinking:
“I like you…!”

The words slipped from my heart before I could stop them,
then crept to my mouth to stir a slow grin. They weren’t spoken and there was
no need to explain; but they were felt and savored and tucked away where things
of Goodness and Hope nestle within me for days and life.

I like you….
like you!

Yes, we have been married for years (we’re nearing a
decade!), and yes we’ve shared “I love you’s” for forever-and-a-half, but there
is something startling and fantastic that occurs when you can look at the
person next to you and thoroughly, honestly,
like them.  From what I’ve experienced,
relationships are woven with conflict and moments and challenges and tears and
vows and tasks and…all the days in and out and in between. But in that day when
we see that other person and love
them deeply enough to enjoy who they are,
as they were created to be, and to hope with them for all that they will be,
is a treasure.

That is discovering
becoming kindred,
with your lover.

I’m crazy over this man (and there’s a whole other blog post
to come in that I’m sure!).
I like him (and that’s just weird!).
I’m learning to love him (and that’s
a mystery!).
And I’m in awe that the Creator gives humanity a chance to discover
relationship and Reflection with each other, in this way.

Thanks be to God!

is a mama to boys, a former college educator, a writer, and a
‘simple-green-living’ home-maker. Currently residing in small-town
Alberta while her husband practices as a medic in the north, Dea’ can be
found chasing her boys and backyard chickens while experimenting with
whole foods and (attempting to) break into new areas of writing and
other creative things. You are welcome to follow her family and story at