It’s the beginning of a new week. It feels like Saturday
although my brain keeps reminding me that it is in fact Sunday. Its getting
late and as happens when our family gets a cold, our three girls seem to take
turns waking up in the night so I’m a little tired. Well, maybe a lot which is
why I have a timer set for fifteen minutes.

As I move in the last part of my 31 days of Becoming
Kindred, I have a few more guest blogs lined up, including one from my dear
husband. I’ve also a few posts that I have been working on here and there for
some time now.

 I’m telling you this because some of this week’s posts are
going to deal with some of weightier aspects of sharing and connecting our
lives with others. That said, they are important topics to consider.

I think that I can speak for each one who will be sharing
this week. We are writing from our personal perspective and journey. We aren’t
writing how-to nor five-easy-step books. We’re not offering our thoughts
because we have “arrived”. Rather we hope to offer insights as we are gaining
them along the way.

 I always want to respect the space and the ownership that
others, including my children and husband, have of their stories. I also try to
share my story wisely and well. I know this to be true of each guest that will
be here this week.

I truly hope that as you read, you will find inspiration and