You entered the world so tiny, yet so full of life. Somehow even in those first moments, you drew people to you. Perhaps because you were so tiny, so perfect or perhaps already then you had a special spark.

This was an important birthday to you, this day of turning three. Although, you asked if you could turn four instead.

Your first question this morning was if you could still be carried now that you are three. I could tell that you needed to know that you would still get plenty of cuddles and carrying. You’ve been needing extra doses of those lately, and sweet Cecily, we love to cuddle you.

Little girl, you are delightfully unique. Your sense of humor, your interests, and even your style. You always have a plan and you carry it out with a sparkle and usually while getting a laugh. I love your crazy, dry humor. I also love how tender your heart is and how you care for others.  I so appreciate your gentleness and concern for your sisters when they are hurt or upset (Like when Aneliese fell on the way to the bus.)

You always get so excited about seeing the bus and so for your birthday we took a ride on it, nowhere in particular, just to somewhere. You take a while to warm up to new things so it took most of the ride for you to decide if you actually liked it.

You always want to be given jobs to do, with your most favorite being caring for the chickens. You often are so capable, so practical and when there is a challenge, you just keep going until you figure it out. Don’t forget though, it’s okay to ask for help or to say that you don’t know how to do something!

For your birthday, you asked for a barnyard dress up party and a rainbow cake. You had specific guests in mind and you wanted to be an egg collector. Not surprisingly, when the party came everyone else wore costumes and you felt most comfortable in your typical farm girl attire. We didn’t mind!

Happy Birthday sweet Cecily, we look forward to another year with you. May that spark that draws others to you continue to develop and be refined so that to know you is to know Love.

We love you little girl.