It’s the beginning of a new year and the time for goals or
resolutions. It’s the time to look at one’s life and make some changes.  We bid goodbye to the old year and ring in
the new with celebration, weak though it may be, depending on the current place
of our life story.

For I and mine, we welcomed the 2013 by being sound asleep
in a hotel room as we made the trip home from a visit to Dan’s family. It was
one of those trips that is inevitiable within families; a trip that likely
holds one last visit. It’s a visit that sees voices softened, hugs drawn just
a little longer, and I love you’s spoken. There is joy at being together and
yet a somber awareness.

This past week, time almost seemed irrelevant. We pulled
together a few things the day after Christmas and raced the clock. We got stuck
in a snow storm and then drove for 17 hours straight to make the family
gathering. Once we got there, we held the moments close as ones to be

A new year promises new beginnings, but it is also closes a
chapter. The new beginning isn’t always looked toward with excitement and
chapter being closed isn’t rushed away from with great delight. Perhaps, we
look back and wish that we could make changes, do some rewriting. Perhaps, life
up ahead looks uncertain and we feel ill-prepared. Or maybe, we’re delighted to
be done with the past year and ready to forge ahead into the new one.

My social
media in the past few days has been alive with
resolutions for the New Year, workout plans, lists of books to be read,
and bloggers choosing a
new “one word” to walk through the year with and I’m not there. Perhaps, I’m
just a week behind and after I catch my breath and get our
suitcases unpacked, inspiration will come.

I’m not in a hurry to jump into the New Year. I’m
still trying to wrap my brain around all the events of the past year. That’s
not bad or sad or depressing, it just. is. When normally I feel a surge of
newness and a fresh start, for now I feel like I am just continuing on. Continuing with the things
that I’ve started and the tasks that I’ve been given. That’s not very exciting, but I kind of like it.

Happy New Year my friends! Wishing you a beautiful 2013.