The winter months in Nova Scotia often seem dreary to me, it’s just so grey. It’s warmer here than winters in Alberta but there I found it much easier to make the choice to bundle up and go outside. Here, I have a hard time convincing myself that it’s worth it even though is always is. We come in a happier bunch every time.

On those days when the sun does shine, it is much easier for us all tumble out of doors to soak it in. One of those days happened this week and it was lovely.

I’ve found that if we have a purpose for going out, it’s easier for us all to get out. Or at least it gives the girls ammunition for begging me to go out with them.

  1. Feed the animals- We have chickens, goat, barn cats, and a dog who all eat outside, plus we need to collect egs so that’s a good reason to get out. If you don’t have your own animals, you might consider bird feeders. You’ll need to replenish their dish and it is delightful to watch them once back indoors as well.
  2. Nature Table/Decor- We tend to decorate our dining table with items from our afternoon walks so often we go out to find decor.
  3. Walk the dog- Molly needs exercise which can be a great way to get out.
  4. Clear snow- The girls enjoy taking a broom and sweeping off the light snow and it always gets my heart rate going to clear the snow of the porch or driveway.
  5. Trampoline- We have decided to keep our trampoline up and to keep the snow cleared off this year so that the girls can keep bouncing through the winter and often Dan or I do a bit of bouncing too! Did you know that bouncing is believed to help our bodies release “happy” hormones such as serotontin, dopamine, and endorphins? I’ll take some more of those please!

Even if after all the piling on of winter things and then taking them off because one needs to go to the bathroom and then the next realizes that she needs to go too and then getting them all dressed again, only to realize that the sunshine is gone and then to be out for fifteen minutes before the littlest gets tired, it is still so worth the benefits to our day.

And what could be better than seeing two happy sisters playing together after they have been outside?

How do you get outdoors during the winter months?

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