A few weeks ago, when we dug out the spring/summer clothing, we found the little rain boots that were just Kathleen’s size. It didn’t take her long to catch on that they allow her to march through even the muck comfortably. With this discovery, she has become an eager helper in the morning chores. As soon as she hears the clank of the milk bucket, she rushes for her boots and sweater while yelling bye over and over. I’m not sure if this is her version of “wait for me” or if she just wants to let everyone in the house know that she is headed outside. The mornings of her slowly helping really only work on a day that Dan is not working because it takes us quite some time. And she loves every second. I love having a chance to spend time with just her, this little one so quickly leaving baby ways behind. One morning I decided to pull out my camera for some of it; it wasn’t quite the same as just enjoying the time with her but I know that some day, I’m going to treasure these pictures. I wish I’d had a camera in my eye when she plunked her self on the milking stool and reached to milk Sugar as if she knew exactly what she was doing.