I’m a gentle parent but I haven’t always been that way; I’m not always that way now but I always want to be.

I’m a gentle parent, but I’ll just be straight up and tell you that
not everyone would consider me that. When I began my parenting journey I
brought my own baggage and expectations that continually caused
friction with my parenting ideals.

We committed to parenting our daughters with gentleness and loving
respect because that is our understanding of how Jesus has told us to
live in community with others, including our children.

Yet, even though that conviction has been clear in my mind, I don’t always know how to apply that principal. It comes way too naturally to bark orders because I’m the parent. I have a tendency to get uptight and impatient.

I ask myself questions like, how can I parent gently with
consideration while still helping my girls be little people, and
eventually big people, that others actually are able to enjoy being

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