The days of summer are moving quickly; sometimes I want to cling to them and enjoy each one while others see me waiting for Fall with the hopes of a slower pace. Between lots of amazing company, including two families at once who brought the number of little girls in our house up to to nine for a week, a malfunctioning computer (that happens to be charging at the moment), and an amazing business step, I’ve honestly had absolutely no time for posting.

So the big business news is that Annapolis Royal has a new photography studio! A bit of a scary step but mostly we’ve come to the place where we realize that in order to make our life work financially and even practically, we need to take some bold steps. When a beautiful space in a prime location came up, after a bit of dreaming, we decided to go for it. On August 1st, Dan Froese Photography & Design Studio opened it’s doors. The response has been amazing and we are really hopeful if a little exhausted. Much to learn and many kinks in the workings of a business to yet be smoothed out, but already it has been adding a needed structure to our lives as well as a needed business presence that couldn’t be attained working from home. I know, at this point only Dan’s name is on the sign but we’re working on it together as is the way that we roll. I’m having trouble adding a video but if you’d like to see the studio, you can view it by clicking on the link to Dan Froese Photography & Design. It really is beautiful.

And finally, when I feel like life is just too crazy for me to keep up, I’m really thankful for reminders of some of the gifts that we have in our life. We were able to have a kitchen party couple of weeks ago while family and friends were visiting. My friend Lola made a video of some of the night and honestly it makes me happy every time I watch it. It’s not a reflection of every part of our life but it is a glimpse of a part of it.

And with that my friends, I’ll wish you a good night.


Jam session from Lola on Vimeo.