Oh September, how did you come so suddenly?

We finished off our full summer of visitors with Dan’s parents and Oma. We seem to have a gift of packing way too much into a few short days, but it was really wonderful to have them. Oma came bearing Irises from her garden and so the tradition of her Irises at each of our homes continues on. She gave morning cuddles and helped can peaches. Her visit is something we will always treasure.

Between canning, picking blueberries, hot dog roasts, and chats, Grandma Helen did some work on Aneliese’s quilt that I’ve been working on for…oh, just two years.

And then the Tickle Monster (aka Grandpa Tom) came determined to build a play house that was approved by building inspector Aneliese who pays fierce attention to details. He managed to work on it along with tickles, stories, and stacking cords of wood. He built a beautiful little house under the oak trees and the girls have fittingly dubbed it Acorn Cottage. They’ve also decided that it will on occasion be home to the Acorn Cottage Cafe.

Perhaps it’s because I have just a very few memories with my only grandmother that it means so much to me that my girls get to have these times and memories with their grandparents. Especially because we live so far from both of our families it is truly a gift that we were able to have both of our parents visit us this summer.

And now Fall is in the air. The peaches are canned, blueberries frozen, and tomatoes are ripening on the vines. I’m making my list of canning for this month; applesauce, tomatoes, squash. The woolens are starting to beckon from their summer storage. I’m ready to welcome Autumn. Every change of season leaves me feeling that I love it best but I think it’s really the newness and fresh feeling of each one that delights me.