I’m a little late as Cecily’s birthday was on Saturday but I wanted to share a few pictures of her day of celebration.

As I snuggled my newly four year old after she crawled into our bed during the wee hours of the morning, my memory went back to those teeny tiny days four years ago. Close to six weeks early, her respiratory system was still developing which caused her sleep breathing to be irregular so she slept propped up on my side, resting over my heart, breathing pattern regulated by mine.

Today, she is still a tiny little sprite who has the same wonderful chubbiness that the nurses exclaimed over in her preemie newness. Gentle and sensitive she is while so vibrant of spirit and life.

She loves color, bright color, every color, colors of the rainbow. She loves sparkles and tulle. She loves her cat Tutti. She loves cuddles, dancing, and imaginary play. Ever the peacemaker, she loves carefully, deeply. Especially her sisters.  She often is quiet and chooses her words carefully.

Cecily Jane is a gift and a delight. As her little body cuddles in close, I am filled with gratitude that she was given to us.

Happy Birthday my sweet Cecily.