Today I’m thirty years old. I feel that I should have some deep meaningful reflection of my life over the past 30 years but alas I don’t really. If I find some deep reflections, I’ll be sure to share them with you. For now though, I’d like to share a gift.

I kind of love gifts. Both the giving and the receiving. As I mentioned in my post about my clean island, I was given an amazing gift this year for the big 3-0. My new iPad and speaker are pretty great. I’m afraid that I can’t share something quite that amazing with you so instead I’m going to share a few things made from the work of my hands. Full of love from me to you. Well, only one you because I only have enough for one. But lots of love for all of you.

There’s an acorn garland made from acorns collected by the girls and I. It’s a mix of real acorns and felted wool…super cute. Then there are hand dipped beeswax candle tapers. And lastly, my new favorite scented beeswax melters which are a lovely blend of essential oils in beeswax; I’m calling this one a Christmas blend (think cinnamon, orange, clove and nutmeg).

So leave a comment (I love comments, they’re like gifts to me), tell your friends, and tomorrow I’ll do a randomly selected draw.