We’ve officially gotten our big snowfall…in fact it’s still coming down. The girls are of course thrilled and have taken up sledding in the front yard. Dan made them some starting ramps to add a little more pizzazz to their sledding experience. They are quite satisfied.

Kathleen is right at that age where she can’t really play in the snow easily but also isn’t content to just sit and watch. She does NOT like sledding but does find it hilarious to watch her dear mama fall off the sled. I assure you, the laugh that sounds like bells coming from the top of the slope is quite worth it.

I’m sure that we’ll be out there again today in all the fresh snow.


Thanks for all the sweet comments on my giveaway, I enjoyed reading them. Wish I could send something to you all but Random.org only selected one number. And the winner is…drumroll….Charisa Reimer! Perfect, a little gift to celebrate your birthday!