It’s been a rough couple of days on “the farm”. I blame it on the wind. The recordings in the farm journal haven’t been fun. February 14: Wind blew part of the shelter over. February 14: Wind blew grain storage door open. Cows got into the grain. February 15: Called the vet, got directions. Baking soda drench. Withhold water. Keep them moving. Get them eating. Check their poop. Worry. Snow is coming. Roof is sagging.  February 16: Another storm moved in. Cows still lethargic but on the mend.

Sometimes I’m not sure this is the life for me; I try and can’t do it perfectly. It’s all personal for me and I feel the blows way too much.

But last week, I took pictures of a sunny, warm and lovely day that I just never got posted. So here they are.