I’d suggested that she might like to do some sewing with the intention of setting her up with some cloth in an embroidery hoop and a needle and thread. As we were choosing some fabric, it become clear that Aneliese had a different scheme in mind.

She wanted to sew something for Kathleen.  A dress, in fact. With a little discussion we decided that a skirt was probably more doable and we set to work.

The thing about Aneliese is that she often decides that she wants to do things beyond her age and ability. My tendency is to try to give her something that she will enjoy that is her level, like needle, thread, and some fabric in a hoop. The issue is that she wants to “really make something”. And I’m realizing that she can, sometimes with a little direction, and other times on her own. She actually needs the challenge and the purpose to hold her attention.

We scrolled through a few skirts that I have pinned on my sewing board and decided to make this layered skirt.

It of course doesn’t show in photos, but I actually have a really hard time staying relaxed and patient while doing things like sewing. My fingers get itchy to take over and mistakes bother me. I’m learning though. I have to if this homeschooling venture is to be successful. We’re learning together.

And little Kathleen has a new skirt.