Sometimes it’s sunny and warm so we pile outdoors in our bare feet to play in the dirt. Three crazy girls have even played in the sprinkler. Penny has released Molly from her duties as the girls faithful companion; in fact she has taken to it in a way that Molly never did.

Sometimes it’s rainy and cold enough that we tuck indoors with our projects and a warm fire. Cecily has been honing her competitive side with “hockey” and memory whereas Kathleen prefers getting into the chocolate chips when I’m distracted with my quilt.

Aneliese has turned into a meteorologist of late because she likes to plan when she will enjoy riding her bike the most and sadly she has informed me that we are most likely getting rain in the next couple of days so I’ll be clinging to the memory of dirt on my hands as I got my first seeds into the ground today. Maybe I’ll get some house cleaning done or maybe some quilting.

P.S. I know some of the pictures have Dan Froese Photography on them but don’t be fooled. I in fact did take them but managed to put Dan’s watermark on them in the process of resizing. Have you noticed my blogging absence lately? Honestly, if I took the time to remove the watermark, this post wouldn’t make it up either. Happy Saturday, my friends!