Yesterday was Mother’s Day and after my breakfast in bed and sweet cards from my girls, we spent the day around home. I cleaned and did some fresh decorating along with reading stories, chatting, napping,  cuddling, and eating meals made by Dan. At ten pm as I gave the tub the deep clean that it’s been needing, I realized that for me it was a perfect way to spend the day. It was relaxing and pleasurable to simply be with my family.

We’ve been living in our old farmhouse for almost three years and I’ve been asked many times to give a house tour. I’m finally getting around to doing that; right now is a good time because I’ve been combining spring cleaning and getting ready for my parents to visit. So we shall simply say that much of my house is much cleaner and organized than it is on many days. Yesterday, while I cleaned, Dan followed me with his camera to capture our house’s cleanest moments.

Up first is the laundry/boot room. We have great plans for this room but as yet they remain mostly on paper. The only thing that we have done is paint the walls and add some temporary storage until we’re able to add some of built in features.

In case you’ve never been in farm boot room, I’ll assure that this is not an honest depiction of how this room generally looks. See those boots? They track all kinds of outdoorsy goodness inside and, trust me, it doesn’t lend to a clean room. But now I’ll always have the memory of the day that it looked like this.

This cabinet is apparently a couple of hundred years old, I don’t know anything about dating furniture but it is a piece that I really like.

It may seem random to have hangers on the wall but we found these old ones up in the attic when we moved here and Dan thought they would be an interesting addition to our laundry room.

That galvanized tub and stand(also found in the attic) will eventually be fitted to become our laundry sink that will fit in the cabinets that will go around the washer and dryer.

The blue bench was a treasure that we picked up off the side of the road during fall cleanup. It’s been moved since Dan took these pictures but I’ll save that for another post that shows where it’s been moved to.

And that for now, is our laundry/boot room. It’s an important feature in our home and it’s also not insulated. Which means that winter laundry days are ch-ch-chilly and an unexpected overnight drop in temperature this past winter froze (and broke) our washing machine which bumped high on my hopeful list the insulating of the floor at least. Maybe this summer.