I had this post ready to go last night and then my iPad closed it before I could save it. An incredibly frustrating thing at 11:30 at night when I should have been sleeping.

The above picture is my weedy tomato and pepper patch. I’m fighting a bit of a losing battle with choke weed but there really are tomatoes in there and I did weed again, hence the late bed time. Pulling one weed leads to another, and another, and just one more until the darkness disguises which is the tomato plant and which is the weed.

I put in a little spiral herb garden which I’ve been wanting to do for a couple of years. This one is small and temporary but I can see that it works well for drainage.

Hopefully soon, the window will be covered in snow peas (at least I think that is what I planted there.)

We put our main garden in a section that we used as Max’s pen last year and it so far is being easy on us in terms of weeds. Everything there is growing well despite that late start that I had getting it planted. We ate our first garden salad for supper last night!