Our dear precocious Kathleen turned three on Sunday. The first picture is her reaction to coming down from her bed and seeing her new crown (Santa Lucia inspired). Her reaction to her entire birthday continued about the same, so happy and funny because she doesn’t remember her last birthday which made everything a surprise for her.

Her highlight was by far her Bamboletta baby doll who she immediately called Baby Bunting. He is already her constant companion and it’s adorable.

She also thoroughly enjoyed some handmade gifts from her sisters and the book 1 is One from Aneliese.
She tried to feed Baby Bunting some of her strawberries and whip cream panCAKE but we recommended that he was a little young for that.

Our birthday tradition is that the birthday child decorates their own cake and this year she chose some of their animal friends to help in the celebration along with some holly provided by Aneliese from our bush outside.

It was such a good day celebrating our darling girl. Happy Birthday Kathleen!