For as long as I can remember, my mother kept a journal. There are boxes filled with her accounts of daily events and things that she wanted to remember in her beautifully written cursive script.  My mom’s journals were meant to be shared, we were all welcome to read everything she wrote in them.  Unlike my mom, I don’t do well at keeping a journal.  Iinstead I have many started but unfilled journals attesting to that. 

In many ways, my blog and my Instagram account are my form of journaling, my thoughts and vignettes of gratitude for this life I’ve been given. I’m not writing a how-to or an account of how I’ve got it all figured out. I’ve no such illusions. I just want to share my take on how beautiful and messy and hard and wonderful life can be. I hope that it gives you new perspectives on your own life, encouragement to tackle the ordinary, and a sense of a shared journey because you’re not alone.

Thanks for joining me here in this little space, Becoming Kindred.