How to respond when your child has been abused

In my previous post, I talked about the proactive side of protecting our
children from abuse. I shared some thoughts on the ways that we parent
can better equip our children against abuse. You might be wondering how
these last two posts relate to becoming kindred;
I sit here with great sadness in my heart because I know that so many
times despite our best efforts and our deepest desires to protect our
children, they are not always protected. They are not always safe. Our
children may experience things in life that are incredibly hard and that
we as parents will hardly know how to respond, love, and connect with
them through those painful things but this is a place where they need us
to connect with them.

Eat & be Merry

A while back, I talked about the way that we eat. After some conversations, emails, and questions with others, I realized that I had kind of missed the mark and I felt bad about that. My intention was to share some food for thought (haha) and perhaps I did for some...