After a long while

I received a comment a few weeks ago from a lovely reader asking if I would start updating my blog again. Oddly enough, I've been feeling the blogging bug again although it feels as if I've almost forgotten how. My hiatus wasn't actually a planned event; it just sort...

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Penny at a year old

Penny is just over a year old now. She did get a birthday celebration from the girls in December when she was actually born. She eats almost as much as a horse and is quite picky about which food she likes but she is a fantastic companion for our little family....

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Christmas in Pictures

We had a very quiet Christmas, just our little family of five for the first time ever. It was nice, perfect for us for this year actually. I cooked way too much food though and we've a lot of turkey to eat so I'm quite certain that this won't become the norm! We...

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