My workout program

This is why one of my goals continues to be a challenge! But one that I am not willing to give up.

I like setting goals for myself and I like it even more when I reach them. I do have this tendency to aim a little too high than is realistic and the perfectionist in me hates it if I don’t achieve exactly what I set out to do…hmm….perhaps there should be some goal setting within that statement! I have never really been one to make New Years resolutions but I do set goals for myself through out the year. With the entering of a new season in our journey and after being inspired by reading others blogs on their goals for 2011, I felt encouraged to share mine. Many of them are things that I have already been doing but just fell out of doing over the past month or two or three.I am not really putting them in order of importance and some are quite broad while others are very specific. I want to give myself room for inevitable struggles and failures along the way while still have some measurable successes.

1. More consistently keeping my house tidy and organized.

2. Working out 3-5 times a week (this is always such a start and stop thing for me and I hate that because I feel so much better when I have exercised. I seriously think I am going to start rewarding myself.)

3. Eat more healthy fats, fibers and greens…maybe more red meat too. (We do pretty well now but especially nursing Cecily as much as I do, I need more, more, more)

4. Gain 10 healthy pounds (this goes with the above, and before anyone feels ticked that I talk about gaining when a lot people talk about losing after Christmas, let me just say that with the way my body works, I can be just as unhealthy at a lower weight then those who feel they want to lose some.)

5. Spend more time reading, praying and thinking.

6. Become more financially frugal in some areas so that we can be more generous in others.

7. Be more deliberate about enjoying mothering my girls. (this includes playing with, disciplining, creating routines, building confidence….etc.)

8. Be more active about observing and caring for those around me. ( I am often quite observant of what is going on with others but less then bold about acting upon it)

9. Laugh with Dan more and take/make more opportunities to love and encourage him.

10. Spend my 24 hours in a day more intentionally and specifically.

11. Try one new recipe a week.


I could keep going but…really I think that eleven is enough and it is getting late. Tomorrow brings the last day of Dan’s holiday, the last day before a return to routine, and an exciting trip to the Custom Woolen Mill. I am sure that I will have something to share about that on Tuesday night which is my next scheduled blogging time (a return to routine) and perhaps some thought on Epiphany which happens on January 6.

To all a good night!