Forewarning: If you are not into things birth related; you probably aren’t interested…the links aren’t graphic but they are informative.
Disclaimer: I don’t pretend to know a lot or even much about birth and I am not sharing these article links because I think that they are completely correct but rather because they have addressed some birth issues that I have been thinking about.

The past months of this pregnancy have felt very relaxed; I haven’t really been having any appointments other than right at the beginning, no blood work, just growing baby. I would have liked to keep it that way a little longer but also was aware that I do need to know if I have placenta previa again. Suddenly, my pregnancy has been invaded by dopplers, blood test, ultrasounds and doctors. With my previous pregnancy history, I would never dispute the benefits of such things and I have had some really wonderful doctors and health providers in the past. However, I do question some of the “standard practices”. Obviously, Cecily’s birth story is a clear testimony to times when intervention is needed to prevent loss of life. And yet, I don’t want to be treated as if I or my child is an emergency waiting to happen. Anyways, that is just a little vent and not completely related (but somewhat) to the links to a couple of articles that I want to share.

The first one is called Pushing: leave it to the experts. I really found this one good because it addresses some of the things that I have thought since Aneliese’s birth. It goes against the standard of stopping oneself because you aren’t 10 cm yet and then being told when to start pushing and so on in that she suggests the a woman’s body in most cases knows what to do. And then I think that this statement covers some of my thoughts perfectly; “A powerful, primal, loud and ‘out of control’ birth is just as amazing and valid as a gentle, quiet ‘in control’ birth.”  I appreciate this thought because I feel that so many, especially me, think that a “good” birth is where quiet music plays, wonderful supporters surround, and all is peaceful. And I want all of this, but like this midwife states, it is okay to give voice (even loud) to the birthing of ones child. I don’t want to be shouting curses at my husband or begging for drugs but I really want to come to the place where I am okay with “powerful, primal, loud and ‘out of control’” if that is where it goes.

This next one is also on pushing but with an anterior cervical lip. And it addresses my issue with constantly being “checked” during labour. It has more on anatomy and physiology than the last one but still really helpful for me.

And the final one….the VBAC, that oh so fragile (but maybe not really?) possibility that I get the impression is seen as a bit of an inconvenience increasing the amounts of subsequent caesareans. But this article; VBAC: making a mountain out of a molehill, covers it better than I can and she even covers the fear and the overcoming of the “high risk” label.

So those are just a few of my thoughts today. I know that many of you have lots that you could share and I would love to hear your thoughts and see any links that you might share!